Sunday, October 2, 2011

My monitoring tools set

Now it is time to talk about my set of monitoring tools suitable to monitor medium and large systems.

Nagios monitoring service
I just love it! See my another article for a list of many Nagios plugins suitable to monitor the most of popular services. You can easily write your own plugins, and this is what I did to monitor many application-specific services.

Cacti graphing service
If you  have Nagiosgraph module deployed in your Nagios monitoring system you may think that Cacti is redundant. But it is not, especially when you start to use many available nice Cacti plugins and templates for MySQL, Tomcat, Cisco hardware, disk I/O and others.

Please please use Ganglia to monitor your Hadoop cluster, and easily integrate the great tool with Nagios for alerting. Don't even try to spend your time on Cacti's plugin for Hadoop - I personally failed to deploy it, and was really surprised how cool and easily installable Ganglia is.

Rsyslog and Logcheck
Rsyslog for central syslog server (using Rsyslog's TCP transmission feature), and Logcheck log scanner to analyze all collected log records.

In a complex system you will have to deal with event correlation, and SEC is the right tool for it. Can be easily integrated with Nagios (using Nagios' passive check feature).


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